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Getting More Sales Through Classified Listings

Craigslist and other classified sites have been around for a while now and people still use it to find new homes.   Unfortunately, most real estate agents have no idea of how to us this resource to get new business.

If you do use classified sites, or are thinking about it, follow these three steps to get more leads.

1.  In any of your listings, use a headline that catches attention.  There is nothing more boring than reading “four bedroom rambler” in a classified listing.  Instead use an attention-grabbing headline.

2.  Include pictures and a call to action to drive the viewer to your website.  The classified ad should be a teaser to drive your prospect to where you can capture them as a lead.

3. Add a way to capture anybody that clicks through your listing as a lead.  This can be done as a popup box on your website, or just a registration page that they need to go through in order to view the listing.

Overall the goal of any classified listing should be to capture additional business while selling the home that you are promoting.  It is a simple strategy that will make a huge impact on your business.

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