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Market Leader vs Top Producer

Market-LeaderI have been a fan of both Market Leader and Top Producer for some time. Although not ideal, I do like the Market Leader lead capture website feature and am using it to drive most of my business. Unfortunately, Market Leader has a huge deficiency in its email follow up system which has forced me to move most of my follow up campaigns and all of my CRM activity to Top Producer.

With Market Leader, the lead collection through the website usually consists of just a name and an email. Twenty percent of the leads that come in also provide a phone number, but for the most part email is it. This fact is great, but the back end marketing system for Market Leader won’t send out communications that can be read by most customers.

To clarify, when Market Leader sends out an automated email from a campaign, it takes the message and converts it to an image file. Unfortunately, 70% of the people who receive the email will get it on their phone; and android and apple smart phones will not display graphics that come across in email. In addition, a huge percentage of Outlook users haven’t changed the default settings on their email to allow graphics to be downloaded. Thus, most of the campaign emails that get sent through Market Leader just come in as blank messages to your target clients; which is not only a waste of time, but quickly alienates any leads that you may have. I have brought up this feature with the Market Leader support team, but have yet to see a solution.

In start contrast to Market Leader, Top Producer has an exceptional email follow up system with some of the best “out of the box” follow up campaigns that I have seen. The emails that go out are rich text or HTML which are visible to smart phones can be read by your clients. Their system to notify you which client needs follow up and which lead needs attention is intuitive and easy to use. In addition, the Top Producer has a much more comprehensive tool for creating drip marketing campaigns.

In fact, the only shortcoming with the Top Producer system is that of lead capture. Their lead capture system consists of comprehensive forms that users of the system can place on their own websites. The issue with these forms is simply that there is no way to pare them down. For any online form, you will lose 20% of the potential leads for every additional field that you required these leads to complete. Beyond the name and email fields, the Top Producer lead forms require users to state purchase or sales intent, time frame, dollar value, and a few other fields that may or may not be pertinent to the information that the lead is requesting. Given that most people will access your website by phone, the chances of a potential client filling out all of these fields is very small; thus their lead capture system is not ideal.

Overall, I prefer Top Producer over Market Leader for almost all of my CRM activities. Unfortunately, this lead capture feature means that I need to rely on Market Leader for my front end marketing, and Top Producer to do everything else; which is an expensive and time consuming proposition.

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